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The ultimate shed maintenance schedule

Just like anything around the home, your shed benefits from regular checks and maintenance. After al...

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Six ways to improve your shed

A shed - It’s the place you store those extra items, it’s a way to protect your valuable machinery,...

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Six ways to prolong the life of your shed

A shed is a valuable investment for any property owner, and it should be one that stands the test of...

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How to make your shed a multipurpose space

Regardless of why you initially purchase a shed, it should be a usable space which complements the n...

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Preparing your shed for winter

As the days grow shorter and the nip in the air becomes a little fresher, now’s the time to consider...

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How to secure your shed

Chances are your shed is home to some valuable things, whether it’s a classic car, machinery, person...

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Five very different uses for your carport

They might be called carports, but who said a nice solid shade structure was only suited to vehicles...

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Five simple shed upgrades

You’ve got to love the sheer practicality a simple shed provides. As a place to store extra items, v...

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How to keep your shed in tip-top condition

Like any addition to your property, a shed is a valuable asset, and it’s one that requires a little...

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Prepping your shed for bushfire seasons

With bushfire season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to prep your shed.

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Tips to keep your tools in top condition

Whether you’re a home gardener, a hobby carpenter or a professional tradie, your tools are the make...

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When is it time to replace parts?

Rain, sun, wind and constant use can all have detrimental effects on your Titan Garage or Shed, but...

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Five top tips for storing our Titan Lite Gear

5 ideas for storing, organising and transporting your Titan Lite products

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When Pests Infest | Reducing the Risk of Vermin

Pests of any kind - from cockroaches and ants to possums and snakes – are opportunists.

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Plan Ahead | Professional Shed Accessories

Whatever the building and however you use it, there are plenty of ways to improve your garage or she...

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Stay Dry| Waterproofing Your Shed

Dealing with Water: Guttering, Sealing, Caps & Drainage

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10 Terms to Know: Purlins, Mullions, C Sections…what does it all mean?

While a shed or garage may seem simple, there are a lot of components and add-ons that can cause a b...

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The Best Storage Ideas for your Garage or Shed 

It's not just about hanging stuff on the walls, there's other practical things you can do to better...

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Guide to Building & Maintaining a Sustainable Shed

With the ever-rising cost of electricity and other household expenses, more people are turning towar...

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6 ways to make money from an unused garage

Whether you are downsizing the number of cars you own, or just trying to save money by being a singl...

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15 Checks To Prepare Outdoor Areas Of Your House For Spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done to prepa...

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How to Choose the Best Shed to Suit Your Needs

There are lots of considerations to be aware of if you’re thinking of putting a shed in the backyard...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Carport

Do you need to protect your vehicle from the elements but can’t afford a new garage? Why not add val...

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8 Reasons to Install a Carport on your Property

A carport is a good investment for your home – even if you haven’t yet got a car of your own! There...

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How to Clean Your Polycarbonate, Clad, or Metal Wall and Roof Sheeting

Most people like to keep their shed clean. Not only does it make for a nicer, healthier environment,...

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9 Essential Tips for Vermin-Proofing your Shed

Vermin love to get out of the elements and make a home for themselves in sheds. Less trafficked than...

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How to Clean Your Shed’s Gutters and Roof for Bushfire Season

Prevention is the key when it comes to protecting your property from bushfire, so if your shed is lo...

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How to Insulate Your Shed to Protect It From Fire Hazards

Whatever you use your shed for, if you want to make it more habitable, particularly in climates wher...

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How to Choose the Right Kind of Flashing for Your Project

When choosing the correct flashing to protect your cladding from the harsh Australian environment, y...

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How to Build the Perfect Dog Kennel with Titan Lite Parts

In the Australian climate, your little mate is going to want something to both protect them from the...

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Top Tips for Giving Your Shed the Ultimate Weatherproofing Treatment

When you think about it, the shed is one of the most important parts of any home.

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Tips for Protecting Your Belongings from the Weather When in Storage

We all use our sheds for different reasons. You might have it to store your prized collection of cla...

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The Essential Tools You Need to Build and Maintain a Great Shed

Whether you’re building a new shed from the ground up or repairing an old shed that has seen better...

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How to Install The Ultimate Workbench In Your Shed

Have you ever decided that on the weekend you would get some DIY tasks underway, only to find that y...

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A Guide to Protecting and Maintaining Your Car in Winter

Frosty mornings, bitter winds and broken umbrellas - winter Down Under might not be as chilly as in...

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How to Turn Your Garage into a Fun Kids Retreat

If your living room is fit to burst with toys, your kids might be needing a little more indoor room...

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How to Organise Your Commercial Storage Space

When it comes to running a commercial storage space, organisation is key. Even the most fiscally suc...

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Inflatable Boat

There are many benefits to owning an inflatable boat; they’re easier to store than conventional boat...

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How to Keep Your Warehouse Safe and Secure

We all want to ensure that our belongings are safe. Whether it’s the items in your home, car, backya...

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Tips and Tricks for Converting Your Barn

There’s nothing as simplistic and rustic as a beautiful converted barn. Of course, we love modern da...

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10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Every man needs a space to make his own. A place where he can kick back and indulge in his hobbies,...

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DIY Tips for Jazzing Up Your Sports Locker

Lockers are the perfect way to store items securely, be it at school, the gym, the office, a transpo...

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13 Tips for Maintaining Your Tractor

Keeping your tractor well maintained is important for its longevity. Follow these handy maintenance...

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15 Creative Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes When You Move House

One of those many things you’re left with after moving house is of course cardboard boxes – and a lo...

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Titan Lite’s Garage Conversion of the Month: Seattle Home Gym

Garages don’t always have to be piled up with tools, old furniture, forgotten and random objects, an...

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Easy Ways to Transform Your Garage Into a Mudroom

If you and your family are constantly going in and out of the home via the garage, and the front doo...

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7 Simple Shed Designs for Your Backyard

If you want to add a barn or shed to your backyard, it doesn’t have to be an expensive addition to y...

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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Horse Stable on Your Property

Owning a horse can be very rewarding and there’s a great deal of joy that come from the experience.

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Quick Ways to Spice Up Your Garden for Summer

Any good gardener knows that for your garden to reach its full potential, it’s best to start spicing...

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9 Classic Driveway Games Your Kids Will Love

There’s something very Australian and heartwarming about watching kids play on the driveway. As soon...

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How To Protect Your Shed From Pests

One of the reasons we build sheds is to ensure we’ve got a safe, secure place to put all our tools a...

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How to Best Store Your Caravan in Winter

If you’ve just come home from your latest trip and it’s time to store your caravan away for the Wint...

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The Basics of Constructing A Pole Barn

If you’re looking for a clever way to safely house the animals on your property or even just need so...

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7 Great Tips to Protect Your Barn Against Termites

Termites are a very tricky problem to handle. Once they get into your barn, they multiply....and fas...

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5 Top Tips For Storing Your Boat in Winter

A boat of any size or purpose can represent a tidy investment. As much as you would like to be out o...

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5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Burglaries and Break-Ins

For small business owners, the potential effects of a break-in can be monumental. The costs that can...

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9 Essential Tools Every Handyman Needs in Their Toolbox

Every handman likes to have a well-stocked tool box, but there are just so many different tools avai...

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9 Unique Ideas for Storing and Repurposing Your Pool Equipment And Accessories

Many households and pool businesses find it a bit of a challenge to keep a pool tidy during periods...

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10 Tips To Look After Your Truck When It’s In Storage

From time to time, you might find yourself putting your truck away into storage because you’re trave...

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8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Storage Space

You don’t need to have a huge home with an even larger storage shed to fit in all of your belongings...

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7 Reasons Why We Need More Bike Sheds

Bike sheds, both at schools and in public spaces, have reduced drastically over the years. And becau...

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Is Your Garage Door Safe?

You use your garage door every day, but have you ever taken a moment to consider how safe it is? A g...

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How to Weatherproof/Waterpoof Your Shed

The household shed can be a real focal point for the man of the house. In addition to being a place...

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Upgrade to the Ultimate Garage

The garage is one of those rooms in the house that often gets taken for granted due to its typically...

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Different Ways to Colour a Concrete Garage Floor

As a versatile, durable, and contemporary choice of flooring material for both modern and industrial...

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How to Protect Your Shed From Burglary

Sheds are a popular target for burglary; they’re unlikely to be fitted with anything other than the...

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8 Steps to a More Environmentally Friendly Shed

That hole in the ozone layer isn’t going to fix itself, more's the pity. Everything’s going greener,...

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Want to Save Money & Time? Titan Lite’s Parts & Kits are a Do-It-Yourselfer’s Dream

Titan Lite is your one-stop steel manufacturers, for all your home or business building projects. If...

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Find the Parts You Need for Your Next Steel Building Project

We can help you with any building project you have that involves steel building products. Whether y...

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It's Easy to Save on the Materials for Your Next Steel Building Project When You Know Where to Shop

It’s Easy to Save on the Materials for Your Next Steel Building Project When You Know Where to Shop

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With Titan Lite, Finding & Buying What You Need to Repair or Build a Steel Shed or Garage is Simplified

With Titan Lite, Finding & Buying What You Need to Repair or Build a Steel Shed or Garage is Simplif...

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Need Quality Parts to Build Solid Structures for Cars, Trucks and More? You've Come to the Right Place!

There are many reasons to add carports to your property. It may be added to an existing garage to pr...

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Everybody Shops Online. Why Not Find the Steel Parts You Need for Your Steel Building Projects Online too?

These days, you don't have to go any further than your computer if you want to pick up the latest be...

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