How To Keep Your Shed In Tip Top Condition

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | March 22, 2022
How to keep your shed in tip-top condition

Like any addition to your property, a shed is a valuable asset, and it’s one that requires a little TLC every now and then to ensure it remains in tip-top condition.

With that in mind here are five maintenance tips to ensure your shed stands the test of time.

Footings and bracing

The stability of your shed depends on the foundations that are the footings and bracing.

Every now and then do a quick inspection to ensure the footings remain square and aligned, the bracing that keeps the shed rigid is solid and there’s no evidence of subsidence or ground shifting beneath the shed in the form of cracks in the concrete slab.

This is particularly important after severe weather, such as summer storms or heavy winds. A shed in tip-top condition will stand up to all weather, but it pays to be proactive about maintenance.

Seals and doors

Things can shift and deteriorate over time, so take a moment every now and then to have a good look at your shed's doors, rubber door seals, roller door tracks and window seals.

Perished rubber around doors and windows can allow pests to enter your shed, while doors should sit square and be easy to open and close.

If that’s not the case, those doors might need a realignmnent or replacement.

Meanwhile look to the tracks of your roller doors and give them a good clean at regular intervals.

Dirty or corroded tracks make it hard to open and close your roller doors, so check them for damage or dirt that might be causing an obstruction.

Gutters and roofing               

Just as you should check the roof and gutters of your home each year, its important to check the roof and gutters of your shed.

Clogged or damaged gutters can cause water to back up and flow into your shed, while any roof damage might result in water leaking into your shed.

As a rule of thumb, clean your shed gutters once a year and inspect the roof while you’re there. All leaf litter needs to be removed, and it’s important to ensure the water in your gutters is channeled away from the shed structure.


Chances are if you’ve invested in a shed, you have machinery or items you are seeking to protect.

That makes security a priority. Every now and then audit the security of your shed, including door locks, window locks and perhaps extra security measures.

These might include sensor lighting that illuminates the shed should someone approach it, CCTV which monitors your shed, or smart cameras and alarms that alert you should someone attempt to gain entry.

Pests and bugs

Creepy crawlies just love a nice warm home to retreat to, which makes preventative pest control an important part of shed maintenance.

Mitigating the risk of pests comes down to ensuring those window and door seals we mentioned above are all in good condition or preventative strategies like vermin proofing are in place.

But sometimes, wily critters have a way of getting around even the best sealed entryways.

If pests are a potential problem, talk to your local pest controller to work out the best ways you can reduce the likelihood of potential pests including rats, snakes, spiders and termites.

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