Ways To Protect Your Business Against Burglaries And Break Ins

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | August 01, 2016
5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Burglaries and Break-Ins

You not only have to contend with the loss of any goods stolen, but the cost of repairing damage and loss of business while you replenish stock and re-open for business. Not to mention the fact that a break-in can be very disturbing for employees.

The key is to stop a break-in before it happens. We’re not talking about putting on a cape and acting like a superhero trying to tackle a burglar in the act. There are some key security measures and strategies that business owners can implement to minimise the risk of a break-in.

1. Install roller doors

The first place a burglar will try to gain access to your business is via your doors. That’s why you need to consider installing solidly constructed doors made from wood or metal and which are installed in steel frames so they are not easy to remove. Use a door jamb to reinforce the strength of your doors and ensure that they cannot be kicked in.

To provide a strong first line of defence for your doorways, install roller doors. These doors are made from durable metal which are very difficult to break through, can be padlocked and make it very challenging for potential thieves to gain access to your business premises. In fact the mere presence of roller doors can deter thieves as they know how difficult it is to gain access to a property where these highly secure door systems are in place. Roller doors can even be programmed to trigger an alarm to alert security services if they are opened after a certain time.

2. Ensure that windows aren’t an easy target

After trying to gain access to your business through the doors, thieves will next try to gain access via the windows. Unfortunately for many small businesses, windows are not well protected or secure and so can present as an easy target. Using security glass windows which are more durable and difficult to break. Ensure to invest in secure window locks as mere latches can be easily prised open. Consider adding windows bars, window screens or window rollers to serve as a very effective first line of defence.

3. Invest in an alarm system for total peace of mind

Many small business owners avoid investing in alarm systems as they are deemed too costly and perhaps unnecessary. However the cost of an alarm system far outweighs the potential cost a break-in or recurring break-ins. There are a vast range of different alarm systems available to meet varying budgets.

At the very minimum, small business owners should consider installing detection equipment on their business premises. Motion detectors can detect the presence of body heat and sound an alarm. They can be strategically placed throughout the premises to make it very difficult for intruders to break in and remain undetected.

4. Catch it on camera

Video surveillance has been less and less expensive over the years. Any business owner can afford even a web based video surveillance system where they can log in via their phone or laptop and monitor their business premises. The value of video surveillance can never be underestimated. The ability to effectively “check in” on the security of your business offers excellent peace of mind. The presence of video cameras can spook potential thieves as the footage capture could play a key role in their subsequent arrest.

5. How safe is your safe?

Business owners should store valuables and cash in a burglar resistant safe. The greater the value of the items in the safe, the greater the performance rating your safe should have. Of course it’s not just enough to store valuables in a safe if it is easy for burglars to make off with.

Even the heaviest safes have been removed from business premises so ensure your safe is bolted down into the ground to make it extraordinarily difficult to remove. It is recommended to locate your safe in a well-lit area and/or an area protected by motion sensors so that thieves will be easily noticed if they try to open or remove it.

Make security a key priority

Taking steps to strengthen the security of your business can go a long way to securing its future. Small businesses can struggle from time to time, especially with a challenging economy, therefore a burglary or break-in could well mean the difference between an SME staying afloat or going under. The security of your store should be as significant a priority as maintaining sales as both are directly related to ensuring your business has a future.

Security measures are a relatively small investment which has a significantly large impact on your business. Protect your investment and your livelihood with some careful planning and implementation of essential security measures for your business.