8 Reasons To Install A Carport On Your Property

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | April 09, 2018
8 Reasons to Install a Carport on your Property

A carport is a good investment for your home – even if you haven’t yet got a car of your own! There are a substantial number of benefits that carports bring a home, as a more efficient and less expensive alternative to building a complete garage. Indeed, many people who have garages still find a lot of value in installing a carport as well. Below are some of the most common reasons that people buy and find derive value from carports.

1. It’s cheap protection for cars and other objects outdoors

Compared with the cost involved in building a garage, a carport is inexpensive, quick, and easy to install. For people with new homes – or new cars – finding the money to also build a garage can feel like a luxury, so a carport is a good alternative for the short to medium term. Carports can also be constructed with minimal expertise, allowing you to do the installation yourself and save money that way.

It’s worth noting that carports are also relatively inexpensive to maintain, and pull down if necessary. Often it will be even possible to move them. So, where a garage is a long-term and inflexible structure, a carport can save money in the long term by only being as permanent as you need it to be. For more information on the various carport kits and parts that you can purchase to build one for yourself, have a look at Titan Lite’s range of top-quality carport parts.

2. Carports are more versatile

Garages are, effectively, additional rooms for your home. You’ll store your car and some other things in there, but without significant renovation works, they’ll never really be used for anything other than storage. A carport, meanwhile, can be converted to a very wide range of different applications. Because a carport can be both enclosed and open, you can tailor its purpose to whatever you like; it can become part of your garden, an entertainment space (throw a pool table or table tennis table in there to become the life of the party). You can make it a private space and, of course, it can be used for the same storage purposes as a garage. Think of it this way: A garage adds another room to your home, while a carport adds additional opportunities to your outdoor space and garden.

3. They’ll save your next washed-out party

If you’re hosting an outdoor event – say, a BBQ, and the weather turns bad, a carport can save the event. It provides shelter and, unlike a garage, is open and therefore well ventilated. In this way, it can operate as a veranda or an extension to your veranda, and that will help you enjoy the Australian weather to the full. You can place the BBQ in a corner, put potted plants or other decorations around the edges, put an ice bucket and drinks in the middle, and you’ll have an entertaining space that can fit a surprising number of people.

4. It’s easy to get any kind of car in and out

The risk of hitting something and damaging your car (or the structure itself) is much lower with a carport. We’ve all been there – accidents happen, but a garage is going to do much more damage to your vehicle than a carport will. Whether it’s late at night, foggy, raining heavily or snowing, a carport is the easier storage option to slide your car into.

5. It provides protection for a guest’s car

If you have a garage, then you’re going to use it for your own car. If you’ve got a big enough property then your garage might hold two cars. But then you might also have two cars. Generally speaking, people don’t have room in their garage for guests to park their own cars. And that’s where a carport comes in. It can give guests a sheltered place to leave their car so that, when they get back in after visiting, it’s not too hot, or hasn’t been battered by heavy rain or hail.

6. Protect your garden from damage

Without a carport, chances are that cars will end up resting on grass in your garden. As heavy machines, cars can do a lot of damage to your carefully manicured grass – and potentially even plants will be run over accidentally. A carport helps to keep cars off places that they shouldn’t be, which helps you keep your garden beautiful.

7. It’s an option for renters

If you’re renting, the chances of you getting permission to construct a garage on the property for your car are next to zero. And, even if you were able to do that, it would be a massive investment for something you don’t own, or be able to take with you when you eventually move. On the other hand, a portable carport is something the typical landlord won’t complain about, and you’ll be able to take your investment with you when you move – either to another rental property or your own purchased home.

8. Carports add value to your home

For all the reasons listed above, the benefits that a carport adds both in securing your car, providing storage and in giving you additional entertainment and garden options, mean that a carport has a meaningful impact on the value of your property. This is particularly true if the carport looks like it’s been designed to complement the existing home. So, if you’re looking to sell your home at some stage, make sure there’s a carport on it, as an inexpensive way of upping its value.

If you’re ready to install a carport, make sure that you choose the right materials and provider. A carport needs to handle the tough Australian conditions for a long time, after all. Make sure the materials are of a high quality, provided by a company with a leading reputation, such as Titan Lite. Furthermore, while a carport can be a DIY job, you can rely on our guidance and availability if you need it to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase and the results. Contact Titan Lite today to see how a carport can enhance your property.