8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Storage Space

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | June 10, 2016
8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Storage Space

There are some great storage solutions you can use and install to make better use of your space and keep things neat, safe and organised. And the best part is, these solutions generally dirt cheap!

1. Add shelving

One of the easiest ways to create more storage space is by installing shelves. Shelves are easy to install, and you can buy hundreds of different types of shelving kits from your local hardware store. You’ll find options made in various sizes and materials, so you can get a shelving system that suits the look and feel of your room.

2. Use clear plastic boxes

Clear plastic boxes of various sizes can really help keep things organised in your shed or garage. Large tubs are great for storing items such as Christmas decorations and books, and because they’re clear, you can easily see what’s inside without having to open the lids. Smaller, shoebox sized clear boxes are a great investment for items such as tools, and other bits and pieces that would otherwise get lost.

3. Use a pegboard

A pegboard is another great way to utilise wall space. The walls are often one of the most underutilised storage areas that can provide a whole heap of much needed storage space. Pegboards are great for storing tools such as hammers and wrenches. Plus, a pegboard has the added bonus of providing full visibility of your items. Instead of storing tools in a large toolbox, you can easily scan your walls for the items you need - plus, they’re easier to get to.

4. Get a magnetic tool holder

If you have a lot of tools that would normally be scattered on the workbench or piled up in your toolbox, why not invest in a magnetic tool holder? You can either make one yourself, or buy a magnetic tool holder kit from your local hardware store. Instead of having different hacksaw blades, and nuts and bolts everywhere, you can have them all neatly stored on your wall with a magnetic tool holder.

5. Use your walls!

Ok, we’ve already mentioned this a few times, but we’re going to say it again. Your walls are your least used area of space, so make the most of it! By adding storage to your walls, such as installing shelves or hanging tubs, you can really clear a lot of floor space for other items. Even items like bikes and scooters work really well being stored on walls, as you can safely hang them out of your way.

6. Jars can be your best friend

If you have an large assortment of nails and screws lying around the place, they can be a pain. They can be dangerous if they make it to your floor, and are also annoying to try and locate when you need them most. By using old jars, you can keep them in one place, find them easily, and they won’t go through any unsuspecting feet! The best part about using jars is that they can be secured with a lid, keeping all the contents safe. Try to use plastic jars if possible, so that you reduce the possibility of them breaking and having to deal broken glass.

7. Bungee cord storage

Do you have kids that love sports? Is there a bunch of soccer balls, basketballs, cricket bats and other sports equipment getting in your way? Use bungee cords to create a makeshift storage space that keeps your sports equipment of the ground and out of the way. These cords are a great idea as they are easy for the kids to grab when they need them, and are an inexpensive solution. Just stretch a few of the cords out between two spaces (such as between cupboards) to make a new place to store your sporting goods.

8. Create suspended shelving

If you’re already utilising your walls, you best make way for ceiling storage. That’s right! Suspended shelving hangs from your ceiling, instantly creating more space for your belongings. Just make sure to use sturdy materials, so nothing falls on your head!

There are plenty of ways to make the most out of your small space. You don’t need an overly expensive garden shed that’s the size of your home to store all of your belongings - just follow these tips, and create more space instantly!