Six Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Shed

Posted by Abbie Holmes | Blog | March 27, 2023
Six ways to prolong the life of your shed

So how can you keep your shed in tip-top condition so it effortlessly handles the wear and tear of use?

Here are six ways to prolong the life of your shed.

Regular checks

Like all areas around the home, a shed should be regularly checked for any damage or deterioration.

This includes a quick audit of both the interior and exterior to see if there are any holes, damaged panels, or loose rivets, bolts, or screws.

If something needs attention, tend to it sooner rather than later.

Gutters and roofs

While you’re auditing the exterior of your shed, don’t forget to look up and check the roof and any guttering.

Again, you’re looking for signs of damage and deterioration, and this is an area which also benefits from preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

Clear the shed roof and gutters of any leaf litter or debris such as fallen branches. Leaf litter makes your shed at risk of ember attack in a bush fire.

Debris also adds weight to the roof structure and guttering which can potentially cause sagging and deterioration over time.

Meanwhile, clogged gutters can also cause rainwater to back up and enter the shed, so keeping them clean should be on your annual or six-monthly to-do list.

Doors and hinges

Roller doors and personal access doors should be able to open with ease, so every now and then test the hinges and tracks.

Check the hinges for rust and oil them if necessary. Meanwhile, ensure the roller doors remain aligned with their tracks and those tracks are free from obstruction.

Nearby gardens and trees

Overhanging trees are responsible for the leaf litter that accumulates on your shed roof. They also increase the risk of your shed being damaged by falling branches.

If possible, trim those trees back so they do not overhang your shed. Meanwhile, also turn your attention to any plants and trees in the vicinity of the shed structure.

It’s worth considering whether root systems have the potential to get under your shed and damage the foundations, or whether plantings and landscaping might encourage water flow to enter into the shed.

Keep it weatherproof

The great thing about a shed is it offers additional storage space for valuable items such as machinery, bicycles, gardening equipment and more.

That means it’s important to ensure your shed remains weatherproof and free from pests.

As part of a regular shed check, look at the door and window seals to ensure they’re up to par and replace them of necessary.

If there are gaps around windows or under personal access doors, consider adding seals or weather stripping.

Regular cleanouts

Every now and then it’s worth giving your shed a thorough clean-out. This helps determine whether there are any problem areas beyond what you can easily see.

Regular cleanouts also reduce the likelihood of mould or dust building up on the valuable equipment and machinery housed inside your shed, and allow you to identify whether any unwanted critters might have taken up residence.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

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