Is Your Garage Door Safe

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | May 01, 2016
Is Your Garage Door Safe?

We’re going to take you through the basic ins and outs of ensuring your garage door is functioning safely. By taking a little bit of time out of your day every now and then to make sure your garage door is safe you’ll ensure your family is safe from a range of hazards and that your home is being well looked after at all times.

Don’t leave your garage door remote in your car

This is a common mistake a lot of people make and it’s easy to see why, as you usually open your garage door from your vehicle most of the time. But if someone breaks into your car and takes the remote, you could be in a bit of a bind to say the least. Make sure the remote is secure and safe and stored outside of your car.

Visually inspect your door at least once a month

It’s amazing how few people take this important measure, but it’s important to look at the springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys of your garage door for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice anything, it’s important that you then contact a trained garage door repairman to then make the necessary adjustments.

Make sure you never leave the garage door partially open

This can be quite a dangerous thing to do, as the second your garage door becomes active again it may travel immediately downward and strike whatever object that is in its path, which is obviously something you should be looking to avoid at any cost. It also makes your home much less secure.

Unplug the garage door opener unit when you’re on holiday

Whenever you’re on holiday, it’s a good idea to unplug the garage door opener unit. You can also use a vacation lock console security switch, which makes the remote unusable. These are just a couple of simple measures that can make your garage door significantly more secure when you’re away. 

Keep the manual

How often is it the case that when you’ve just purchased an amazing new piece of technology, you discard the manual almost immediately. This is despite the fact that it contains a lot of useful information. Make sure you keep the manual to your garage door into the future to make sure you’ve always got this important info handy for your reference. 

Padlock the throw latch on the door when you’re out of town

Another important measure to consider when you’re going to be away for a while, padlocking the throw latch on your garage door is just that extra layer of security that can protect your possessions and family from nefarious outsiders and people coming in to your place causing trouble.

Maintain consistent service whenever you can

It’s easy to forget that the door for your garage is consistently in use and arguably the biggest moving part of your home. Over the course of this time, parts wear down considerably, can be destroyed, or eve break just out of nowhere, and there are a range of potential security issues that come out of this. Just to be safe, make sure you arrange for a yearly appointment from a competent technician.

Install a wind-angle peephole in the door between your house and garage

Not many people adopt this measure either, but if you hear a strange noise and you want to know what’s happening, going to the effort of opening the garage door takes up far too much time. Instead, simply installing a wide-angle peephole in the door that sits between your house and your garage can ensure that your possessions are safe and you quickly check what’s going on.

Make sure your family are aware of the safety measures

Of course you probably know why you should never place your fingers between the sections of your garage door, but it might be a little harder for your children to understand the reasoning. To avoid any problems from this, make sure you explain the dangers and all of the safety measures you’ve adopted to avoid them to your family and children, just to make sure everyone is operating on the same page.

Your garage door is perhaps the most commonly used part of the house and it’s so convenient - when it’s operating correctly. But as with anything, garage doors aren’t 100% foolproof. By taking the simple measures outlined in this article, you can ensure that your home, family, and possessions will be well protected.