The Ultimate Shed Maintenance Schedule

Posted by Abbie Holmes | Blog | June 07, 2023
The ultimate shed maintenance schedule

Roof and gutters - annually

The roof and gutters of your shed are critical to protecting the items inside from the exterior elements. These should be checked annually, and gutters should be cleaned if necessary.

If your shed is situated in an area with overhanging trees, these checks may need to be more regular as gutters which are filled with leaf litter can sag, rust, and cause water to back-up and overflow.

Leaf litter on your shed’s roof or in its gutters can also make your shed more prone to bushfire threat.

While you’re assessing your roof, also check any ventilation systems, to ensure they remain affixed properly, are sealed against leaks, and work as they should.

Windows, doors, and seals – every 6 months

Windows and doors protect your shed from the elements while also keeping out pests and providing security.

At least twice a year, check your windows and doors to ensure they open smoothly, lock as they should and there are no gaps around them.

Footings and foundations – annually

As part of your ongoing shed maintenance schedule, it’s important to check the foundations, footings, and general condition of your shed.

Walk around the shed’s interior and exterior, examining all the panels, joins, purlins, headers, mullions, bracing and flooring. Look for any damage or missing bolts, screws, and loose fittings, and replace what’s required.

While you’re there, examine the floor for any signs of water inundation, which could potentially create unwanted damp and mould inside your shed.

Pest control – every three months

As a space that’s out of the elements, sheds can potentially be a home for unwelcome guests including rats, snakes, spiders, and other unwanted wildlife.

We’d suggest checking for this every few months, and also implementing an annual pest control schedule, if required.

Exterior cleaning – as needed

A great shed is something to be proud of, so chances are you’ll want to keep it neat, clean, and attractive to look at.

That means, every now and then it will benefit from a good exterior clean.

You can wash down the exterior by hand using a mild soap that you hose off, or alternatively you can waterblast the outside to remove any build-up of mould and grime.

Inside, dust away cobwebs, wipe down the interior walls, leaf blow the floors, degrease the concrete, and clean the windows, along with their tracks.

This is also a great opportunity to grease any door hinges and clean out the tracks of roller doors.

Seeking some shed inspiration?

If you’re looking for some further simple ways to maintain your shed, we have some great tips available. But in the meantime, you can browse our full range of shed products and replacement parts here.