Wind Turbine Ventilation


    SkyVent - Provide Daylight and superior Natural Ventilation by using revolutionary SkyVent Wind Directional skylight Ventilators for greater productivity.

    $331.06 Each

    SkyVent Skylight Kit

    Sky Light Kit For SkyVent - Includes Reflective tubing and all necessary fixing to vent and ceiling.

    $226.51 Each

    WIND TURBINE Ampelite turbo AA300 COLOUR

    Ampelite, Ampelair turbo AA300. Suitable for all Steel Roof Buildings. 300mm diameter opening.

    $226.32 Each

    WIND TURBINE Ampelite turbo AA300 ZINCALUME

    Ampelite, Ampelair turbo AA300.
    Used on all Titan Buildings (if required) 300mm diametre opening.

    $168.78 Each

Roof ventilation

A good quality turbine will keep your shed or garage cool and well ventilated using natural wind power. And Titan Lite manufactures and supplies the best wind turbines on the market. Our Ampelite Turbo wind turbines are suitable for all steel buildings and come in a range of colours to complement any roof.

They’re built tough to stand up to any weather conditions and they’re designed to provide decades of silent, maintenance-free service. And because they’re made right here in Australia, you know they carry the Titan stamp of approval.

If you’re building a new shed or garage or fixing up an existing one, a couple of wind turbines are a great investment in free, eco-friendly ventilation, and you can order them online and have them delivered direct to your site or free to your nearest Titan display centre.

Wind Turbine Ventilation